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                                                                                                       Naruto | Shippuden</a> episodes for free without any signing up and time limits. <a href="">
                                                                                                       Naruto </a> is about a boy by the name of <a href="">
                                                                                                       Naruto </a> who has a demon sealed in his body and tries his hardest to fit in and one day become the hokage which is the strongest ninja in the village. <<a href="">
                                                                                                       Naruto </a> is soon placed in a team alongside a girl by the name of Sakura who he has a crush on and his rival Sasuke who he constantly envies. <a href="">
                                                                                                       Naruto </a> is one of the most best selling animes of all time selling over 100 million copies in Japan alone. <a href="">
                                                                                                       Naruto </a> was originally made in 1999 and is still ongoing to this very day. <a href="">
                                                                                                       Naruto </a> is followed up by his teenager years in the show <a href="">
                                                                                                       Naruto  Shippuden</a>, All <a href="">
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